A different kind of fast & furious

With less than two weeks until Paris (9 days to be exact) I’m entering the fast and furious travel shopping mode. Not exactly sure why vacations require shopping for new shoes, bags, etc. but it seems to happen! It’s not like this is a safari where very specific items are needed. Nope, just strolling Parisian streets with baguette in hand.

Perhaps it’s the packing light approach but I want to have exactly the right item. The right day bag, the right shoes, the right clothes. Especially for the actual travel days; comfortable enough to sleep in for hours, but still nice enough that you don’t look like a traveling homeless person. And for women, a slightly different problem – not setting off the security alarms at screening (I’ll get to that in a moment).

Seems to be more a case that when you’re looking for something specific, you simply can’t find it! And, I needed a new pair of very comfy “walk all day” sandals. Teva and Zappos to the rescue. I prefer a shoe with a slight heel and wedges are ideal when you’re in Europe and dealing with uneven sidewalks and cobblestones (which will make you invent new and colorful curses at the end of a long site seeing day). This new sandal from Teva seems to do the trick.

I went with this walnut color as it’s a good flesh tone and will go with everything. It’s lightweight so won’t weigh down my suitcase and so far is extremely comfortable.

Next was a new travel bag . . .yes, I know, another one! The last bag I bought was for Germany but was a lightweight small backpack from LL Bean. Perfect for Germany, but not so perfect for a city escape.  I want a bag that’s big enough to use as my in seat carry on bag (needs to fit iPad, makeup and my other purse-like essentials) but also small enough to use every day while out and about.  I don’t see the point in loading my suitcase with purses when the right bag can multi-task. Although I do bring one of those packable totes that roll into the size of an egg.

Here’s what I’ll be using this trip:

This is the Baggalini Hobo bag. I ordered the charcoal grey from eBags but using the red photo as you can see the detail. It’s large (15x9x4) and weighs only 10 oz.  While I love the lookof leather bags, they’re just too heavy for all day use. Has an adjustable strap so can be worn over shoulder or cross body. Note the two side pouches? Essential to stow a water bottle and umbrella. Plus has a bright interior instead of black which makes it nice to find items. Plus, this bag features a back pocket that unzips so it can be slipped over luggage handles.

My final rush about item is for the flying days and is something just for us women. Turns out my underwire bras set off the security alarms. Not in every city but in quite a few and especially the international airports (had a very serious pat down in both Munich and London). So, I’ve been looking for a good cami with built in bra. You’d think this would be an easy find item. We’ll apparently when you’re actually looking for one, it’s not so easy to find. But, just purchased a few from eBay.

Now it’s sit back and hope my shipments all arrive in time!

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