Alsace, merci beaucoup!

Planning this one has been a moving target. While I’m nearly always my own “travel agent” there are so many ways to bring a vacation together. Trying to figure out the purpose and the goal for a trip was essential to this vacation as there simply wasn’t enough time to do everything!  This trip is going to be about the wine, the food and enjoying some exposure to villages and smaller town life.

I think I may have hit a limit on how many times one can change and cancel hotel reservations as I’ve changed my mind on logistics and the party has grown. While this started out as a solo vacation, it’s now enhanced with the addition of my mom!

We’ll be flying into Zurich then taking the train into Basel on the border between Switzerland and France.  A few short hours later after seeing some of the Basel sights it will be on toward Strasbourg.

There’s a section of Strasbourg that’s a Unesco Heritage site, which to me is a big deal. Browsing the UNESCO listings are just one way I get ideas for vacations. We’ll spend three nights enjoying the Strasbourg attractions before picking up a rental car and heading south toward Colmar.

This trip will be the first where I’ll have a rental car in Europe!  I’m a bit nervous and have been researching French road signs. Definitely in for an adventure. Having the car though is going to be essential to visiting the Route de Vin and some of the attractions in Alsace.

Colmar will be our base for the next three nights as we explore what this smaller city has to offer as well as take day trips out into the countryside. I absolutely adore wine so am pretty psyched about this trip.

For our last night in France we’ll be hopping the train over to the Paris airport where we’ll stay at the Sheraton compliments of reward points and conveniently located at CDG.   I’m very excited and can’t wait!  Fingers are crossed that the flight upgrades come through.

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