And anyway we Getaway

Norwegian Cruise Lines mega ship GetWay is making her maiden voyage through the Baltics and we’re on it! She just arrived after sailing 16 days from Miami bringing her Caribbean vibe to Denmark and the Baltics.

The boarding process for nearly 4,000 guests was handled out of two terminals and after about an hour we were ready to explore. There’s a lot to explore!

I’ll get more external photos from ports as putting this ship to scale from below is impossible. It’s huge!

After a light lunch in a pub themed restaurant we hit the freezing decks to look back on Copenhagen with our frothy tropical cocktails. Bartenders and guests huddled for warmth.

Unfortunately the cocktails still reflect Caribbean influence.  It’s also very cold up on deck 17! When I booked the cruise I chose the Adult Beverage package as my booking gift. Can you say unlimited beverages?

Luggage arrived quickly and we’ve settled nicely into our balcony stateroom. Guess they’re used to lots of overpacking Americans as there are plenty of hangers, big suitcases fit under the beds and plenty places exist to tuck away makeup and miscellaneous items.

We unpacked while cruising along the shore of Sweden. Despite the cold our balcony offered a bit of wind protection and will be nice to see some of the world while relaxing on the privacy of our own space.

The ship abounds with dining options. Most require an incremental fee or a la cart pricing. We found that a quick snack from the buffet was good and the service and menu in one of the included dining rooms to be rather delicious. Roasted duck with homemade papparradeli (forgive spelling!) and shiitake mushrooms was deliscious. Linda’s classic prime rib looked wonderful.  The dining rooms are also elegantly designed and feel like you’re in an hugh end restaurant.

So far the passengers are a broad age mix leaning a bit to the older side with a large nationality mix with quite a few folks continuing on from the transatlantic crossing.

Hopefully as folks settle into the ship they’ll discover more of the music lounges as some of the live performers faced empty lounges last night.

We’re now in Warnemunde, Germany for a long day. The cruise offered an excursion to Berlin but we’re going to pass the round trip 8 hour train ride and explore the local area on our own.

As to blog posts I’ll try to keep up when I can go off the shore connections. Ship wifi and data is expensive!

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