Back to Paris!

Over the past several days Facebook is reminding me of where I’ve been the last several years. Apparently I love going out of the country this time of year. This year it’s back to Paris and joining me is Amy, one of my best friends who has escaped her husband and children for several days in the City of Lights.

This trip is a bit different. I’ve rented an apartment where we can lounge with platters of cheese and pate, sipping wine and enjoying each other’s company. I’ve always wanted to pick up more of the wonderful items seen in the markets and since its cold about an apartment fits the bill.

The apartment is perfectly situated only a few blocks from rue Moufftard for our delicious shopping needs.

Unusual is that it’s and affordable cozy two bedroom with living room, small kitchen and dining room. Perfect! We met the owner to get the lay of the land then headed out for lunch and market shopping.

First up lunch! Duck confit is always a good way to start.

Love duck confit so expect to see it again.

Next we worked our way up the street checking out the different shops for dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast.

We loaded up with roast chicken and potatoes, cheese, fresh butter, eggs, pate, a baguette, croissants, raspberries and asparagus. Perfect for dinner and breakfast. We’ll supplement as we go.

Our roast chicken, potato and asparagus dinner was wonderful and relaxed as we simply hung out in our comfortable clothes catching up and simply enjoying each other’s company.  Plus there are leftovers!

I love having the full benefits of an apartment!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We plan on hitting the big Puces St. Ouen flea market and start experiencing more of the sights. For now it’s time to chill in the living room with a glass of wine and try to interpret the conversations floating up from the street. Bonne nuit!

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