Baggallini Town Tote Review

The Baggallini Town Tote was a recent purchase made to use instead of a large Eagle Creek tote bag. I was looking for a bag that would be closer to the size of a large purse. Large enough to fit my airplane essentials (including an iPad) but small enough to use while out and about touring a town.  I went with the olive color as a nice neutral instead of black.

The bag went off the France with me and worked great. Enough pockets to tuck everything away. Big enough to take the daily essentials including umbrella, bottle of water, tour book, etc.  More importantly, the bag itself is lightweight so didn’t add bulk and weight to drag me down.

One main reason I bought the bag are the two outside side pockets – great for the umbrella and bottle of water. The front has a nice zipper flap pocket to tuck away transit tickets, boarding passes, passport, etc.  Things that you want to access quickly.

Inside is a large central section with side zipper pockets, plus pen straps and cell phone pockets.  Roomy and organized. Enough compartments to organize but not so many you get lost.

There’s a large outside pocket that has a zipper at the bottom so when open the pocket becomes a sleeve to slip over your suitcase handle – just be sure there’s nothing in the pocket when you do this!

The only con is the insert in the bottom of the bag – which is also a pro. The insert provides structure to the bottom of the bag which is nice, but at the same time I would have liked the bag to “collapse” a bit to hang a little closer to the body.

All in all, very pleased with this tote bag. I think it’s a great addition to my travel accessories.

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