Full day in Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen yesterday late afternoon and spent a few hours walking around the city, enjoying a dinner of open faced sandwiches before collapsing into our beds. My rule of thumb is to make it to 10 pm then getting a good night sleep to get the most out of the first full day. I’d like to say mission accomplished!

Our hotel is just a few short blocks from City Hall and the start of the Rick Steve’s city walk. Always been a big fan of his self guided walks.

City Hall is located just across from Tivoli Gardens, Europe’s first amusement park. Hans Christian Anderson gazes on the entrance.

We strolled through the city enjoying the monuments and palaces.

The reception rooms of Christiansborg Palce were worth a stop before strolling along the harbor toward Nyhaven.

Nyhaven is picture postcard perfect Copenhagen. Bustling with tourists and cafes we took a break to enjoy a snack and some Belgian beer.

Can’t help but capture photos of this picturesque location.

We continued to stroll through the pedestrian streets until returning to our hotel for a short break before dinner.

Overall Copenhagen has been a delight. Very clean city with extremely friendly people who thankfully speak wonderful English as the Danish language is difficult to say the least.

Meals so far have been a little hit or miss. The typical Danish cuisine is heavy on seafood, particularly herring which I’m happy to do without. We picked up lunch from one of the numerous hotdog/sausage street carts and have to say that’s probably one of my favorites so far.

Our after dinner schnapps however was a fantastic appertif and I’m going to claim as purely medicinal.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to board our cruise for a nine day excursion to the Baltic capitals. Good times ahead.

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