Guten Tag!

Me thinks Germany is in my future.

Beer, sausage, castles . . . speeding down the Autobahn. Well, the Autobahn won’t likely happen as I have discovered I really don’t like driving internationally. How is it that I’m perfectly fine driving mach-10 bumper to bumper through Atlanta, Los Angeles and other dizzying places but a quiet country lane in another country gives me nightmares?

I’ll agree, that having a car enables you to discover places unaccessible by trains and buses, but for me a vacation needs to be relaxing as well. International rental car, not relaxing.  I now know my limits!

After picking up a Rick Steves’ Germany 2011 book at a closing Borders store (at 40% off) I can now dream about Germany. I’m thinking Munich and Bavaria likely in the spring. This time my friend Linda will be joining me for this adventure.

Nice to have a trip in the works to look forward to!

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