In Beautiful Stockholm

One busy day in port led to another and this time we’re enjoying the beautiful city of Stockholm. Sadly, due to our ship size we had to dock about an hour south which dramatically cut into our exploration time.

We took advantage of the transportation offered in the Stockholm On Your Own tour and were soon immersed in the beautiful city.

Once again we relied on the Rick Steve’s self-guided walking tour which wove us through the medieval streets of Gamla Stan.

Taking advantage of the ferry we zipped over to the Djurgarden and a short stroll brought us to the Vasa museum.

Stepping into the museum takes your breath away. While you know it’s a Viking ship seeing it whole in all its salvaged glory is incredible.

The model below shows what the ship looked like before it sunk in its maiden voyage.

What a fantastic museum. Informative exhibits cover several floors and surround the ship. While a bit crowded we had a great time exploring and enjoying the harbor.

One thing I’ve noticed is the Rick Steve’s books for this part of the world contain more errors and fewer details than their Western European counterparts. A prime example is the public ferry dock shown outside the Vasa doesn’t exist other than a Hop-on-Hop-off ferry dock. Luckily we scored a taxi dropping off a passenger nearby and saved our tired feet the excursion. There is a tram but we hadn’t taken out local currency but did see those trams packed to the gills.

We spent our last in Stockholm enjoying a light meal at a garden cafe before cramming back in the bus for the hour drive. I don’t see how people spend all day on bus tours!

The cruise out of Stockholm held more picture perfect moments. Wasn’t expecting to enjoying a balcony on a Baltic cruise but the abnormally warm weather has been a surprise.

Evenings aboard the ship have been interesting. While some passengers spend all their time very casual others dress nearly every night ranging from smart casual to cocktail attire.

One particular couple we always looked for seemed to cruise in costume complete with Venetian masks one evening.

We spent our evening tapping our toes and bopping along to the Million Dollar Quartette show which was surprisingly fun.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s day at sea. It’s been four busy port days with Stockholm as one of my favorites. Just wish we had more time.

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