New packing technique

I thought I had packing light and my technique down pat. Then I came across this video (pack for weeks in a carry on bag) from I’ll admit, I was skeptical of this clothing bundle approach. After all my tried and true technique of packing in dry cleaning bags has been working pretty darn well. But, I gave it a shot and am a convert.

The first time I packed this way my shoes and other items that are recommended to go in the bottom of the suitcase filled up what looked like 3/4 of my bag. I thought there’s no way 2 pairs of slacks, 3 tops, cardigan plus workout clothing will fit! To my surprise, they did plus left room in the top of my bag.

The true test though was wrinkles. On my first go I was using a smaller 19″ suitcase which caused the sides of my clothing to crimp and wrinkle. The second time I packed this way was in a 21″ suitcase and to my shock, there wasn’t a single wrinkle. A key is smoothing out everything each time you add a piece of clothing.

There are a few things I do a bit differently. I don’t use the hanging toiletries kit for socks, etc.  I tend to use packing cubes and my regular toiletries bag as they work just fine and it’s one thing I didn’t have to purchase. I do though place all of this in the bottom of the suitcase resulting in a platform for my clothing. And, before I place my first item I lay a dry cleaning bag vertically across my suitcase so when everything is folded per the video, I can wrap it with the dry cleaning bag so my fabrics are a bit more protected.

I must admit, I’m a convert!

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