Packing bundle in action

Thought I’d share my most recent experience using that packing bundle technique I shared a few posts ago. Plus of course there’s my new suitcase also in action on this trip.

I just finished unpacking in my hotel room and while there are a few wrinkles they’re pretty minimal. On this trip I decided to forgo my usual rolling laptop case and just bring my padded laptop sleeve which allowed me to use my new and smaller eBags 21 rolling duffle (I bought the 2.0 version and not the TLS line).

This new bag and approach did require me to break down my bathroom bag into two smaller bags since I was using its space for my laptop. Forgive the quality of the photos! So, here’s how much fit into this one small bag:

The bottom contains one pair of high heels located in the neon green bag upper left and the red bag that looks like it spells out “bean” in the lower left. The upper red bag contains non-liquid toiletries, the other red bag is makeup. the long green packing cube is pajamas and undies. Finally, black one is electronic chargers and pc stuff. All of this makes the platform for my clothes and fills the space between the handle rails. Looks pretty full eh?

Now comes the clothes!

I have three business casual days with casual evenings to follow. I’ve brought:
2 pairs dress slacks
1 pair cropped pants
2 casual long sleeve t-shirts
3 work blouses
1 cardigan
Okay so I rely on black!

I started laying everything out with the pants going out the sides and tops perpendicular to the bag.

As you can see a 21 inch bag is about the minimum unless you’re on the small side as you want to make sure your shirts don’t get crimped on the sides.

After laying everything out the folding in begins.

Since I start with a dry cleaning bag, I folded this in and I have one nice bundle. This bag doesn’t have tie downs in this section as the top compartment keeps everything in place.

My laptop fit perfectly in the upper compartment and my liquid bag went into an easy access compartment.
All done!

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