Packing for a short business trip

I’m off to Chicago. Since this is a short one lasting only two nights it’s a very light packing trip and I can get everything I need in my favorite suitcase – my 19″ TravelPro Crew 6 bag. I have two basic styles of packing:

  1. Packing folders – enable you to pack a lot in a small space. I usually use on longer trips.
  2. Dry cleaning bags – carefully lay clothing flat and slip on a dry cleaning bag, fold and viola, nearly wrinkle free clothing every time.

This trip calls for dry cleaning bags. Since this is a casual trip there’s no need for a suit jacket (although I’ve done many jackets this way), I started with the pants first.

Fold them as if they were being pressed and lay them down on a flat surface (I use my bed). Slip a dry cleaning bag on and carefully pull it down the length of the pants.

You may have noted there’s cat hair on the pants which is why I also always travel with a tape roller!  After the bag has been slipped down the pant, press out the air and fold from the hem up toward the waistband.

Based on the size of your suitcase you may need to adjust your fold, for me I folded again and it’s a perfect fit into my suitcase. When I use my larger 22″ suitcase I fold into thirds.

Next it’s on to the tops. I’m bringing two tops, one for each day. I lay the first one down, carefully smooth out the wrinkles and fold the arms inward. The second top is placed on top of the first. Then on goes the dry cleaning bag.

For this suitcase I fold from the bottom to the top. If I were packing a jacket for this suitcase I’d fold from the side then upward to make a small packet. After folding the tops, into the suitcase they went.

Now the suitcase has tons of room left and it’s time to add my underwear, socks, shoes, makeup and bathroom kit. For shoes I’ll of course wear a pair to the airport and pack a spare. These are placed in a shoe bag and go into the big zipper area on the inside of the bag top.

My underwear, socks and pajamas all are folded inside the black mesh packing cube located on the left side of the suitcase. I always use packing cubes for this as it keeps everything nice and tidy in the event TSA needs to paw through your suitcase. The green bag is my toiletry kit while the red bag contains makeup.

My liquid bag will be packed in my laptop case so there’s only one bag I’ll need access to through security.

Now, I’m packed and ready to go!

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