Painswick to King Stanley

First day of our walk. Bath here we come! Today we’re tackling Painswick to King Stanley covering 9 1/2 miles down the Cotswold Way. Our B&B is another half mile or so outside the village so we’re in for a bit over 10 miles. Here we are looking all energetic at the start of the day.  I’ve got to get Linda to stand in front as the angle makes me look like I’ve a giant head.

We had a bit of a late start and dragged a bit as we got our packs situated and layers right for the temperature and level of exertion.

The trail is extremely well marked so thankfully there’s little need to constantly pull out the book which is awesome as between hiking poles and camera my hands are full. Although I still managed to constantly pull out the book to read about where we were.

The trail covers a variety of woods and meadows. Very charming with fantastic views along the way.

Just a few photos of some of the interesting scener not necessarily in trail order.

Yes, we’re walking 55 miles!

Lots of steep hills and sharp descents but the views are incredible and the hiking poles and stability.

It’s also a fantastic time to walk as the flowers are blooming the the fields are scattered with sheep and romping lambs. So far we’ve not gone through any sheep fields but they’re romping in the distance.

At one point we had a forced break as we waited out a small herd of a dozen or so cows worked their way down the trail.

Eventually we made our way to charming Grey Cottage in Leonard Stanley just next to King Stanley.

Our hostess is extremely gracious and after being shown our room we were chatting like old friends over tea and carrot cake. She even drove us over to a nearby restaurant for dinner and offered to take us to the trail tomorrow which will shave a bit off out big 14 mile day!

For now it’s time for ibuprophen, a hot shower and a comfy bed.

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