Paris arrival day

I’ve been enjoying Paris for the past several days yet sadly have not been blogging about it. I didn’t think I’d do much this trip yet I’ve been running around like a maniac.

I definitely did the right thing and booked my room at the Hotel Cler for the night before I arrived. This allowed me to have a room available when I arrived before 9am Thursday morning. So glad I spent the extra money as I napped, showered, strolled to the Eiffel Tower and napped some more.

Finally I managed to head out to a delicious roast chicken dinner at Cafe Roussillon near my hotel.

Then spent a few evening hours strolling. After all I had all that chicken and yes, pan drippings to work off. Seriously, gotta love a place that serves a side of the roast drippings.

This is one of the main reasons I choose to come to Paris.  The flowers. Okay and the food.  I’m returning in November but the gardens of Paris are just lovely. What I didn’t expect was for so much to be closed. I realize it’s August and a month for vacation but so many small shops, restaurants and cafes are closed.

My room calls to me and while it feels I’ve been napping all day I’m looking forward to a shower and a good night sleep.

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