So, what did I pack for Germany?

In case you’re curious about how I pack for all this travel, let me share with you my Germany packing list. As you can see from the itinerary and trip report there were two days of travel with eight days of site seeing.

Bavaria in early April has unpredictable weather which changed frequently. The initial weather forecast was for highs in the upper 50s with night time lows of upper 30s and a few days of chance rain. What we got was everything from 60s to some days in the low 40s. Rain on several days and clear on others. Occasionally everything even in one day!

I’m a huge fan of layering while traveling. It makes it easier to pack light and also adapt to the varied weather.  Also, for convenience sake I broke nearly every travel rule by checking my luggage. However, it would have been possible to carry on. So, here’s what I brought with me.

  • Three pairs of pants
    • one pair bootleg knit black pants (worn on flying days and periodically during trip)
    • jeans
    • black dress slacks
  • Five tops
    • Two lightweight wool sweaters
    • One heavy knit cotton top
    • Two long sleeve t-shirts (worn on flying days and periodically during trip)
  • 4 moisture wicking/base layer tops
    • 1 silk weight short sleeve top
    • 2 silk weight long sleeve tops
    • 1 medium weight zip neck top (which was paired with the long sleeve silk weight on the coldest days)
  • Fleece jacket (paired with the shell jacket on coldest days/nights)
  • Columbia shell jacket
  • Pajamas
  • socks & underwear
  • low heel leather shoes
  • Light weight hiking boots (worn on the plane due to packing size)
  • Black pashmina scarf/wrap
  • lightweight floral scarf
That’s it for clothing. Had to periodically hand wash underwear and the base layer tops.  For makeup and toiletry items I pair down to just the basics and leave the “nice to have” items at home. I did bring a couple small bars of soap and a shampoo & conditioner (courtesy of previous hotel stays.)  Glad I did as not all hotels provided these.
Also along for the ride were my iPad, camera, GPS, Kindle and assorted chargers. Plus a small laundry kit that consists of a bungee type cord that can be stretched between door knobs, or other items to dry clothing and some laundry soap sheets.
I use small plastic single dose zip bags which you can pick up near your pharmacy counter to toss in aspirin, pain pills, antacids and other miscellaneous medical items. They also work great to hold safety pins and ear plugs.  These than all go into a small bag as well.
That’s basically it. And, of course my passport!
I typically use packing folders and cubes to organize everything which also helps in case your luggage gets searched. On the way home to make room for the miscellaneous items I purchased I removed everything from the folders and rolled everything. Takes up less space but everything gets wrinkled so I only do this for the return.

Between my trusty 22″ Travelpro suitcase (older Crew bag) and my new LL Bean stowaway backpack everything fit nicely coming and going. I particularly liked the backpack as it was smaller than a typical pack and very lightweight. Only drawback was few pockets.  Definitely a bag that will go on future trips.

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