Take a moment

All too often we get caught up in our own lives and the travel chaos we create. But the greatest thing about travel are the lives of the people we meet.

While waiting on a delayed flight from LAX to JFK I stuck up a conversation with a gracious older woman. She was frustrated by the delays so I tried to help out. Learned she delayed breakfast counting on the business class breakfast but with the delays was thirsty. Helped her quickly acquire a bottle of water and offered my banana.

We spent he next several minutes chatting back yard produce and chickens. Raising backyard chickens spans generations!

Turned out she grew up with WWII rationing and her stories were touching.

This is what travel moments are all about. A few moments span generations and lifetimes. I like to think I helped make this woman’s delays a bit more bearable and am thrilled to have her give me a wave as I sit just in front of her.

Take a moment. Talk to others and live in the moment. That’s what travel us all about.

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