These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Some people get excited when their favorite fashion magazine or catalog arrives. Me, I thrive on travel catalogs. I just love opening my mailbox to find a new Magellans, TravelSmith or eBags waiting for me.

However, I’ve reached a point (which I didn’t think could happen) where I simply don’t need anything new. My packing style and approach has been refined and I have everything I need and even want. With the great exception of travel totes and purses/day bags.

There’s something about purses, slings, totes, day bags and the like that seem to always have me flummoxed. While you couldn’t pry me away from my 19″ and 21″ TravelPro roller bags smaller bags have always been unsatisfactory in some way, shape or form.  We’ll see how my new Bagellini tote bag performs on my upcoming France trip.

Now, back to those catalogs. What the heck are they thinking with half the stuff in there? I totally get a kick out of all the gear, but really? Perhaps because I’m rather notorious among my friends for packing light that I’m not going to bring along every gadget, sanitizer, body sac, airplane body pillow (like the seats even have room for these things) advertised.

But there are certainly some things I have found are extremely helpful:

  • packing folders
  • packing cubes
  • variety of small bottles, vials, etc
    • I don’t buy the travel size supplies but create all of my own and refill on a regular basis
  • hanging toiletry kits
  • single use laundry detergent packets
  • wine bottle packing skins (ok, so it’s not exactly packing light but if you want to bring a bottle of wine home or on the road it’s essential
  • wide mouth aluminum bottles (another way to bring a bottle of wine on the road!)
  • small medicine sized zip top bags (you can find these in the pharmacy). Great for storing earplugs, medicines, rubber bands, etc

It’s certainly not a complete list but consists of things that I seem to always have on hand and available for the next trip.

Keep checking back for new tips on how to pack!

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