Travel and comfortable shoes

There’s something about an upcoming vacation that just makes me giddy. Constantly checking the weather forecasts, trying to determine what to pack and figuring out what shoes to wear!

Travel shoes seem to be the bane of my existence, especially when the edict of Packing Light (which deserves to be capitalized) is in place.  I’ve always loved shoes and I adore heels. Traveling creates a barrier between wearing what’s comfortable and wanting to have your feet look good. The two just don’t seem to be able to exist together. If only this trip were in summer. Comfortable sandals are so much easier to find and tolerate!

My closet has a section of what I call “travel shoes.”  Those rather unattractive loafers that enable you to walk all day without requiring a handful of painkillers and a fifth of whisky at the end of the day. But every time I peruse through these shoes, I go running back to to try to find something that bridges the gap between comfort and style.

Perhaps one day I’ll bite the bullet and deem comfort is more important but in the meantime I’m vane enough to not want to wear shoes that look like orthopedic bricks. So, with two weeks left before France I’m dashing over to Zappos to see what I can find!

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